Lighting the way to self-understanding, purpose, and growth

Explore the symbolic language of traditional Astrology and align with the life path your soul yearns to express.


Germaine Bierl

Welcome to my space! I specialize in guiding women who are ready to honor their dreams and transform their lives. Imagine uncovering your unique strengths and passions, and discovering your true life purpose through a blend of inward reflection, supportive coaching, and the intriguing insights of astrology and spiritual wisdom. If you’re curious about how to realign your life with your true self and pursue a path that truly inspires you, I’d love to share more about how I can help.

How May I Help You?

Finding clarity in life can be challenging without an objective viewpoint. Let me help you unravel one of life’s most unique gifts, your birth chart, the key to discovering your higher-self.

Soul’s Journey

An overall review of your birth chart to gain an understanding of your intrinsic nature, authentic life path, and areas where challenges may present opportunities for growth.

Career and Talents

In this session we’ll dive deeper into your birth chart to identify your interests, talents and passions. This analysis will empower you to seek career opportunities where you are best positioned to succeed.

The Year Ahead

In this session, we’ll discuss the prominent life themes you’ll encounter and analyze the timing of significant periods of life and the potential for change.

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