I’m Germaine, a certified traditional astrologer, life path coach, and firm believer in the power of symbolic languages like astrology and the I Ching. If you’re seeking clarity or undergoing self-transformation, I would be honored to be part of your journey.

My Approach

I’ve dedicated myself to helping people understand their life paths because self-awareness and alignment with one’s true purpose are essential to our happiness and fulfillment. Living in self-conflict and confusion drains our vitality and joy. When we’re on the “wrong” path, life doesn’t flow, and feelings of frustration and desperation become common. These feelings are signals to help us course correct, realign with our true path, and reconnect with spiritual guidance.

My aim is to provide a supportive and empowering space for my clients to explore their life experiences, understand their strengths and challenges, and trust their inner wisdom. If you’re seeking clarity or undergoing self-transformation, I’m here to help. I offer compassionate astrology readings and practical coaching to illuminate your path, clarify your goals, and help you navigate life’s challenges with confidence. Every life is sacred, and I would be honored to be part of your journey.

My Background

I earned my certification in Hellenistic Astrology from Chris Brennan’s Astrology School and continue to deepen my knowledge through ongoing education. Influenced by the brilliant works of Demetra George, Robert Hand, and Steven Forrest, I approach astrology with humility, recognizing its vast spiritual wisdom. My passion for astrology is driven by a desire to help others discover their unique gifts and life path.

Beyond astrology, I incorporate various modalities such as the I Ching, numerology, oracle cards, and meditation into my practice. Music, particularly the classical guitar and Native American style flutes, also enriches my journey, allowing for organic expression and creativity. When not immersed in mystical pursuits, I enjoy spending time outdoors, hiking with my dogs and finding inspiration in the beauty of the Arizona desert landscape.

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